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Lyme disease, which is one of the most common diseases transmitted by ticks worldwide, is one that affects dogs and humans alike. Other diseases that look like Lyme include bacterial endocarditis rheumatoid, infectious or immune-mediated arthritis (lupus erythmatosis), osteopathies, degenerative joint diseases, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis. The problem is that there are two types of vaccines (whole cell/killed Lyme or subunit). The ELISA test can tell if your dog has the disease only if it has not been vaccinated or it if had the subunit vaccine.

Patients that test positive for Lyme and have no apparent symptoms may be candidates for antibiotics. Whether or not antibiotics are used, whether your dog has symptoms, or whether additional blood testing is performed, it is important that all positive dogs have a urine test done for protein as long as they continue to test positive. Dogs that have joint issues related to Lyme infection typically respond very well to antibiotics. Lyme disease is very painful for both species.

We do not yet have experimental data to show whether B. burgdorferi persisting in dogs vaccinated after tick exposure might cause later disease. The fact that dogs showing antibody response only to vaccination, not to tick-induced vaccination, have been observed to develop classical signs of Lyme disease may indicate that the risk of vaccination with the whole-cell bacterin is greater than previously thought.

In terms of safety, recent clinical studies exploring persistent arthritis in humans infected with, but treated for Lyme disease has identified a condition referred to as "molecular mimicry" involving B. burgdorferi. Hence, symptoms of arthritis and inflammation will persist despite the fact that the bacterial infection is cured. If the disease remains untreated beyond this point, arthritis can develop.can dogs get lyme disease if they've been vaccinated

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She was placed on an antibiotic that might have also been used to treat Lyme, but was taken off the medication too soon for effective treatment of Lyme. While her symptoms faded for a time, they came back with a vengeance. Before Lyme was diagnosed for certain, the list of mistaken diagnoses grew to include anorexia, teenage hormones,” fibromyalgia and a skin disease called scleroderma.

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